68 Winning Group Halloween Costume Ideas

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Okay gals and guys, here’s something really special. We know you’ve spent the past month, heck, probably the past few months, trying to come up with the perfect group costume for all your friends to participate in on Halloween. And since we’re your friends, too, we decided we’d do you a favor and do all the idea hunting for you. So as much as you’d like to all dress up as a “sexy grocery store” again this year, we bet your friends will thank you for sharing these ideas with them. Scroll on for our ultimate guide to Halloween costumes. The best part? You can DIY any of these 130 different and unique group looks. So what are you waiting for?!

1. The Poké-Verse: If you’re fortunate enough to have this big of a friend group, and you all share a deep geeky love for Pokémon, dress up as your favorite character, and try to catch ‘em all!

2. Binders Full of Women: We still think this famous quote is worth making fun of with your gal pals. Hope you don’t mind the close quarters! 

3. Minions: It’s safe to say we have a slight obsession with the lovable squeaky minions from Despicable Me. We’re just (if not more) in love with this super easy and cute group costume for you and your mischievous friends.  

4. Three Blind Mice: Got a tight-knit group of three? Recreate this classic costume. 

5. Disney Princesses: We couldn’t leave this obvious group costume idea out of the mix. Whether you go sexy or sweet, it’s always a good fallback. 


6. Russian Nesting Dolls: Birds of a feather… um… stack together? These adorable matching costumes steal our hearts with their old-school charm. 

7. The Last of Us: If blood and gore are more your style, grab your most ripped up jeans and all the fake blood you can find to create this zombie group look. 

8. Mario Kart: You and your friends will be the coolest characters on the block in this costume. Even better, those bikes will make sure you get to the good candy houses before anyone else. 

9. Gangnam Style: Grab your sexy ladies and get ready to op-op-op-op-oppa Gangnam style. Make sure you all perfect your gallop shimmy before hitting the dance floor. 

10. Tetris: This super easy DIY-able costume is perfect for a last-minute group get-together. 

11. Pac Man and Ghosts: Another crazy simple costume, this one has an added bonus of letting you chase your friend around all night long. 

12. Taco Bell Sauce: Grab your gals and get ready to heat up Halloween with some sexy matching dresses, complete with Taco Bell’s signature quirky quotes. 

13. Frozen: Are you as unable to let Frozen go as we are? Then pull your friends together to revel one more time in this Disney classic that took the world by (snow) storm. 

14. Burger: Dressing up as everyone’s favorite meaty meal is definitely the way to go. 

15. Orange is the New Black: Everyone’s favorite Netflix show gets a second chance at being your group’s signature look this Halloween. Try not to get in a knife fight over who gets to wear the orange jumper. 

16. Scooby-Doo: Ruh-roh! This adorable group costume may be too cute to scare away any ghosts and ghouls on fright night. 

17. Awkward Family Photo: Everyone’s favorite trend revived from the ’80s finally takes form in the real world. 

18. LOTR: DIY-ers and cosplayers alike will have a blast dressing up as the hobbits, wizards and elves from this epic tale. Although the best costume award obviously goes to the ring. 

19. Teen Titans: Before your favorite super heroes were cool, they were awkward teen titans. Relive the past in this funky take. 

20. Spice Girls: How punny is this costume? Pick your favorite spice, grab a cheap white tee and get ready to DIY a perfect ’90s throwback look. 

21. Dominoes: Grab your family and friends, pool together all the black clothes you have and decorate with plenty of sticky tape and white paper. That’s all it takes to make this cute costume. 

22. Zelda: Grab your ocarina, kids! Whether you dress up as princess Zelda or Link, you’ll look like you stepped right out of Nintendo. 

23. Trolls: There’s a reason this adorable group look has made several of our top costume roundups. Not only is it super easy to coordinate, you can include all your friends with bright pops of color from those insane wigs. 

24. Miley Cyrus and Crew: This is one of our favorite DIY ideas for incorporating some pop-culture into your Halloween. And it gets bonus points for being a great choice for soon-to-be moms who still want to dress up with their gals. 

25. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Cowabunga! Celebrate this awesome costume’s success with plenty of pizza after a night of trick or treating. 

26. Alvin and the Chipmunks: This super cute and super ’90s costume couldn’t be easier to DIY. 

27. Shark Week: Everyone’s favorite, most brutal week on television is definitely a good reason to gather your friends together for this smart look. 

28. Game of Thrones: Watch your head if you and your friends decide to dress up as this crazy cast of characters. No spoilers allowed! 

29. Rugrats: This is definitely a more adult take on the classic cartoon we watched as kids. But hey, a baby’s gotta grow up sometime! 

30. Powerpuff Girls: Here’s another red, green and blue trio from your childhood to inspire your friends to throw it back this Halloween. 

31. Toy Story: Bring your favorite toys to life by dressing up as the classic team of characters. And don’t forget to write Andy’s name on the bottom of your feet in case you get lost. 

32. Angry Birds: The game obsession may have fallen by the wayside thanks to Candy Crush, but these lovable birds and pigs are still cute enough to steal our hearts this Halloween. 

33. LEGO World: Turn your world yellow and square by becoming LEGO people for a day. Everything will be awesome

34. Adventure Time: The fun is never ending with this costume inspired by some of our favorite cartoon characters on late-night TV. 

35. Smurfs: Sure, this costume involves a bit of planning and coordination, not to mention a ton of blue paint, but we think the final look will be worth it, don’t you? 

36. Peter Pan: Don’t ever want to grow up? Then enjoy dressing up as this youthful crew for Halloween. Try purchasing a super cozy onesie to dress up as one of the Lost Boys. 

37. The Incredibles: This incredible costume is super easy to DIY or buy, whichever works for your budget and schedule. It’s perfect for the family or a group of friends. 

38. Care Bears: Speaking of family, try this adorable idea on for size if you have little ones (or just want to be insanely cozy while trick-or-treating). 

39. Guess Who: Get your friends to guess who you are in this awesome throwback costume. Throw in silly moustaches and giant glasses and hats for extra fun. 

40. Breaking Bad: A cheeky nod to one of the best TV shows we’ve ever seen deserves plenty of high-fives. We’re loving the unique take to turn this twosome into a group costume. 

41. Guardians of the Galaxy: The breakout superhero epic of the year is definitely a fun dress-up choice. Keep a boom box and a sick ’80s mix close by to serve as your walk-in soundtrack. 

42. Where’s Waldo: Grab your striped shirt and get ready to blend into the crowd. This look works best if you have a large group of people to hide among. 

43. My Little Pony: Another super fun and super colorful costume that’s insanely easy to coordinate. Everyone buys a dress in their favorite color, adds some sparkles and horse ears, and you’ll be the cutest group in town. 

44. Star Trek: Go full-on throwback with this super spacey DIY costume idea. Bonus points if you can get a spaceship to take photos in. 

45. Army Men: All you need is a little paint and plenty of plastic to pull off this Toy Story-inspired look for under $20. 

46. Pantone Mimes: Use this super pun-tastic costume to show off your favorite colors. We’re thinking yellows, blues and reds will pop brightly against that black and white striped ensemble. 

47. Oompa Loompas: We only have one suggestion for you ladies who go with this costume. Make sure you perfect your coordinating dance moves and doopity-doo songs. 

48. The Many Faces of Johnny Depp: Willy Wonka talk aside, how about gathering your friends to dress up as the many incarnations of your favorite actor? Copy Depp’s looks, or go for Britney or Beyoncé. 

49. A Rainbow of Loofas: This costume is super simple, super comfortable, super duper easy to make in all the colors you could possibly want. 

50. 101 Dalmatians: Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you can’t get together 100 of your friends to make this costume. A solid group of more than 10 should get the point across. 

51. Old School Trophies: These old-school trophy costumes look exactly like the little plastic things that adorned your bureau. We think you’re a champion if you manage to hold still long enough to make this look convincing. 

52. The Avengers: There’s a reason this group of superheroes has stolen our hearts with their assorted movies over the years. Dress up as your favorites and band together to fight evil! 

53. Looney Toons: Gather all your favorite trickster friends and imitate the greatest cartoons of our generation. Just make sure it’s not hunting season if you dress up as Daffy. 

54. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Gather your friends and get ready to save the world with water, fire, earth and air. 

55. Play-Doh: Perfect for little ones or a color-loving group of ladies, this super easy look just needs a little coordination and lots of construction paper or poster board. 

56. The Grinch: The choice is up to you: Dress up as the mean old grouch or go for a cuter look by dressing up as Little Cindy Loo Who and her friends. 

57. The Peanuts Crew: Balloon shaped bobble heads are totally optional. All you really need are the classic outfits to make this cool vintage group costume come together. 

58. #Selfie: How meta is taking an Instagram selfie on Halloween dressed as an Instagram selfie? This idea can easily transform from an individual look into a group shot. 

59. M&Ms: It’s a classic costume you grew up with and have seen countless times before — for a reason.  

60. The Hunger Games Cast: Katniss would be nothing without her collection of friends and competitors. Get your friends together to pull off a major Halloween win. 

61. #YOLO: A pop culture shout out like this couldn’t be simpler. Just don’t mix up the letters as you pose for photos. 

62. Harry Potter and the Gang: We love how two of these three ladies didn’t let their gender stop them from dressing up as their favorite characters. The pulled-off look is spot on.

63. The Seven Dwarves: Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to an awesome Halloween party we go!

64. Muppet Rock: Bring the Muppet band to life and get ready to play the best air guitar solo you ever dreamed of. 

65. Girl Scouts: All you really need is that cute beret and a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies (we’ll take a few of those, please). 

66. Mad Men: Break out your grandma’s vintage furs (or something from Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection), some fake cigarettes and a highball glass. 

67. Clue: Everyone’s favorite mystery game comes off the board and into the real world, deadly props, funky hats and all.

68. Alice in Wonderland: Excuse us while we freak out over how spot-on these costumes are, especially the Red Queen! Trippy.